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CORE Basic (01.BAS)
BQE Core Certifications
01 - Core Basic
CORE Basic (01.BAS)
In CORE Basic training, we review the foundations of using CORE. You'll learn the basic setup and functionality of CORE in your first step to becoming a certified user.
CORE Project Management (02.PMC)
BQE Core Certifications
02 - Core Project Management
CORE Project Management (02.PMC)
This training series walks you through the project management capabilities of CORE. In CORE Basics, you learned how to create projects, enter time, and process bills. In CORE Project Management, you'll learn how your projects are performing and...
CORE Billing (03.BIL)
BQE Core Certifications
03 - Core Billing
CORE Billing (03.BIL)
Billing is one of the most important aspects of running a business. In the CORE Billing training series, we review all billing practices from the initial set up of invoicing to pre-billing reviews, running invoices, and post-billing reviews.
CORE Accounting (04.ACC)
BQE Core Certifications
04 - Core Accounting
CORE Accounting (04.ACC)
In this training course, you learn the essentials of setting up your accounting system in CORE. We review how to track and pay vendor bills, work with your register, and manage your account reconciliations.
CORE Human Resources (05.HR)
BQE Core Certifications
05 - Core Human Resources
CORE Human Resources (05.HR)
With CORE Human Resources, you have a powerful tool to manage your employees. In this course, we review how to track and manage critical personnel information, salary history, personal time off (PTO), employment reviews, and more.
BQE Core Certifications
06 - Core CRM
CORE CRM enables you to manage business development opportunities and sales orders. This training series will teach you how to set up and track Leads, Prospects, Opportunities, Quotes and Proposals through to Contracts.

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